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H100 constantly have to flick tubes?


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At first when I bought my h100, I thought that the h100 had mediocre cooling (for like 4-5 months), but later on, I started getting a buzzing sound coming from the pump (sounded similar to a wire getting hit by a fan), so I tried flicking the tubes after reading the forums. After flicking the tubes the buzzing sound mostly went away, and I noticed that in Core Temp that the temperature of my CPU dropped 10-15 degrees C. But this only lasts around an hour, then the temperature of the CPU slowly starts to creep up until I flick the tube a couple of times again, and I have to do it over and over while my computer is on. I usually only have to flick the bottom tube(pic below)




Any suggestions? Should I RMA my h100?

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Put your case on its side and run the H100 for a few days.


Check if the temps still go up.


Around a month ago, I ran my computer on it's side after reading the forums about the pump noise, along with flicking the tubes. The temperatures still gradually went up, but went down after flicking the tubes. If I remember correctly, I ran it for around a week, and I had to keep flicking the tube to keep the temperatures down.

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