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I have just installed this 240GB SSD in my early 2011 MacBook Pro. Can someone advise if i need to do a firmware update? I am currently on 5.02.


I am not facing any issues as such, apart from a beach ball during install of the OS - so i simply re formatted the SSD and started all over again. This time the installation went without a glitch. No issues so far but i realise i am only getting half the advertised speeds using black magic speed test?


Has anyone got over 500MB read/write speeds? Can someone who has installed this in a mac post his/her experiences?


Overall, i am satisfied with the SSD but feel kinda let down with the half speed.


Please advise. Thanks in advance.

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What's New in Version 2.1

Some SSD's use hidden compression when writing data to make their benchmarked speeds appear faster. Disk Speed Test will now measure the true speed of these SSD's so you know if they are suitable for high quality uncompressed video capture.


This means that Blackmagic Disk Speed Test uses incompressible data to benchmark the drive in version 2.1.


ATTO uses compressible data. If you can find a version under version 2.1, It should give you the compressible data results.

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Hi optimus12


Firmware 5.02 is not very good

Corsair give firmeware 5.03 in a month after the 5.02

U should update


And for your speed, it is normal that you will get a maximum ave 280MB/s

As it is the maximum speed ove sata2 controller

Only last intel chipset(z68,z77,x79...) or a PCIE 8X controller could andle full speed ove sata3 SSD. Even some motherboard with a sata3 marvell 9128 controller can not run sata3 SSD at full speed as it use a PCIE 1x as interface. and it reach around 400MB/s. Me a buy a highpoint 2720SGL and got 675MB/s read with 1 ssd and 2800MB/s with 6 ssd in raid 0. you could see my banchmark on my post



Hope this help

Sincerly yours

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Thanks for your response. My SSD is running on a macbook pro and as per the system profiles the negotiated and actual link speeds are 6Gbps which makes me believe that the SSD is running on a SATA 3 port and not a SATA 2 port.


Any thoughts whether i will achieve a higher speed with the Intel 6 series chipset?

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