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I recently had this error occur to my Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless Headset. I've had the headset since July 3, 2012 and it's been working excellent. However, today while I was wearing the headset with the charging cable connected I received a Windows driver failure. The headset stopped functioning.


I restarted my computer to see if the sound driver would reload, and that's when I noticed that I had a solid amber light illuminated on the headset where the charging cable connected to the device. I also noticed that I couldn't turn the device off, and the blue light beneath the power button was constantly illuminated as well.


I decided to follow the procedures of others here and let the headset power-down on it's own, and then reconnected the headset to recharge it. The headset then began to function again.


It should be noted that the headset wouldn't function until power was depleted, and numerous attempts to keep the headset and the Wireless USB Adapter connected to windows resulted in Windows 7 crashing everytime with a complete data dump. Only after disconnecting the Wireless USB Adapter, and allowing the headset to lose battery power did the error clear itself.


I'd also like to note that since this error my headset isn't charging to full capacity now. I've had the recharging cable connected to the headset for 3 hours (as of this posting), and the light hasn't turned green... it continues to blink orange, indicating that it's still charging.

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I recently had the solid amber light error occur to me. I let the headset drain it's power over a course of 5 hours. Afterwards, I reconnected the USB charging cable... and now the headset won't charge full, and has a constant flashing amber indicator where the cable is connected. I've not had a solid green indicator, which used to take less than an hour to acquire. My assumption is that there's something wrong with my battery now, and I must keep the headset constantly connected to my computer in order to keep it powered.
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