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what do you do with the sound dongle????


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Hello...on my hs1usb headset I got some velcro and put a piece on my


keyboard plam rest and a piece on the back of the inline volume controller .

This held the controller firmly in place.


I then taped abit of the cable to the keyboard to protect it from being pulled out from the inline controller ..(some had said that they'd had problems with the wires coming loose inside the inline volume controller ).


However on the 1500's the cable from the headset to the inline volume controller isn't long enough for me to do this , and as a result it just kinda hangs/dangles....(cable too short to fix to desk or chair arm)


Thought about putting some velcro on the headband where the Corsair logo is and a piece on the inline volume controller and fixing it to that...though don't know if this would interfere with sound with it being so close



Anyone else got a solution as I'm not too keen on having a blu glowing groin...and I dare not put it on mute (red) :-)



PS I do understand that for some people the cable length will be perfect for them and their setup....and that it's a feature where you can't please everyone....just wonder if anyone has thought of an inventitive solution if their setup is like mine!!!

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Ok volume dongle now attatched to my 1500's on the leftside where the Corsair logo is with velcro.

It looks fine and the volume dongle is NOT dangling in my lap nor does it have the possibility of hitting the chair's arm/tabletop or table legs etc when I move.


The wire in and out of the dongle should not be at risk of being pulled out , say under it's own weight if hanging loosely (seems they've come loose for some people in the past at least on the HS1's)..



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