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Memtest error


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Hello everyone,


2 weeks ago I assembled a new system for myself. everything was running perfectly untill 2 days ago.

All of a sudden I started to get a lot of BSOD's.

They all had either one of the following messages.


-Page fault in non-paged area.


-Memory management.


The BSOD's occur a couple of times a day, but not at a specific moment. some times it's during gaming, other times it's whilst surfing the internet. The pc reboots automatically and then everything seems normal again.

In addition the programs Im working with seem to stop responding on an average bassis. Allthough a simple restart is enough to solve the problem, it is getting quite annoying because it happens a lot.


Anxious to find out what the problem was I started running a memtest. It is still running (I'm writing this on my laptop) but it already found a shocking 650 000 errors! So something is definitely wrong.


The system is 2 weeks old and I didn't do any overclocking or default changes at all.

Any ideas on what my next step should be?

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