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Case #5068349


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I just requested an RMA for this same condition. I bought my 500R back in March. For the past months I couldn't figure out what was wrong. My right USB jack was dead. I usually use the front jacks for a printer or cell phone connection and never noticed it was the case hardware, not my MB or drivers...


hold on.


Here I am on Sunday at 5PM (less than 5 minutes after requesting an RMA), and I just got a reply and instructions to order the part. I did and a new part will be shipped.


Anyway, just to finish my story, I swapped the cables from my MB and confirmed my MB's header was ok. I reseated the front panel cable, the right jack was still dead. I used a memory stick that lights up when inserted to test each port. This issue sounds like a manufacturing defect more widespread than just me.


Thanks Corsair for the ultra fast RMA response


(Case #5068349)

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