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Vengeance 1500's not recognized


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Well, this kinda ticks me off. I got a pair of vengeance 1500's to replace my logitech g35's that had a few years of use on them, The bass finally died. Bought the 1500's about a month ago.


get home from work and now they will not be recognized on any usb port, so basically less than a month goes by and the things are already dead. I've submitted a rma already.


I know this isnt the place to vent but I need too.


Honestly I've had nothing but issues with my corsair products, had a corsair extreme series ssd that i had to RMA 4 times in under a year because it kept on dieing. and Now the 1500's die in less than a month.


This kind of pisses me off at the "quality" of the items they are selling.


I used to love corsair for their quality but now it seems to have gone down hill a lot.

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