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Vengence 2000 driver issues


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Hi corsair

I just recently bought myself a pair of vengeance 2000 and i love the head set its self very much differently the best head set that i have had. But i have a complaint about the driver software for the vengeance 2000s . i have had a pair of Corsair HS1s now for the past 2 years and the driver soft ware for the HS1 is much better than the one for the vengeance 2000 since you can customize the headset a lot more to your personal preference for example you can choose from 2.0 ,4.0 ,5.1 and 7.1 this is use full since some games such as CS:GO and COD MW3 only support 5.1. Also why dose the mic send my own voice through the headset i don't understand why this is needed. what im saying is the the headset its self is perfect i wouldn't change a thing the only down side is the driver.

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