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Hi everyone


i just installed my corsair link and it work very very well

but i understand its a beta


i have 2 corsair link complete kit


first thig i do is updating commander to latest firmware (2.0.6)

and updating 2 Cooling node to firmware 1.2.5


everything without any issue


i made 5 different profile and all works


i really happy, just little thing to fix like:


1- need to start with windows directly to tray

2- all AMD GPU temp

3- not sure if its link or fan but remove buzz with Corsair SP120 performance edition


this is what i have, 18 sp120 fan on 3 rad (6 rpm meter, 3 fan per meter)

i have 9 fan per cooling node



i think with little bit of developement, this will be one of the best thermal controller for custom water cooling at this price

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The Buss or clicking noise is normal for the fan and yes we are working on a fix for that.

Nice system by the way!




for auto start link,just add CL to your start-up folder

yes already done

But need to minimize to tray or start to tray

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another thing


at statup, my profile load correctly for fan rpm, temp , anything for cooling node

but lightning node, it load with correct setting, but in real, the light are not on the right color, but setting are correct, just need to click one time on slider color and light came back to the right color


i hope it help for debugging


edit: forget, i use fix color, no pulse, no temp just red

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