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F120GB2 broken… again


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In January 2011 I bought an F120GB2. It looked like it was a nice acquisition despite the high price, since its performance was outstanding and I chose a brand that I trusted, but in barely 4 months it started having serious issues. I asked for help in the forums here, and at the end I solved the issue doing a secure erase. Even if I always back up the most important data, I don’t have any live copy, so I lost some important data and, of course, a lot of time. Fortunately, the SSD worked after the format, so at least I didn't have to RMA it and spend some extra time without a system hard disk… until 4 months later, where it definitely broke. I lost data again, and I had to RMA the SSD because I could not even do the secure erase I did before.


So, 3 weeks later I got another SSD, a refurbished one. It all went ok until now, almost one year later. Once again I've got a SSD that gets detected by the BIOS but it’s not accessible, tested in 3 different computers. Am I going to lose data again? Sure I will. So now what? Wasn't it supposed to have a MTBF of 1 million hours? What were the odds of having 3 data loses in just 20 months with a barely used laptop, when the MTBF is "supposed" to be 1 million hours? How can I trust a device like that? I just asked for another RMA but I don’t even know what I'm going to do with this SSD because, once I get it back, it is likely going to last for not more than a year.


I don’t know anything about the reliability of the new SSDs. I hope they’re way better because right now I can’t trust in my F120GB2.

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Post your case # so RAM GUY can send a message to customer service. Also give your previous RMA details to tell them that the refurbished unit has the same problem.


Thanks, Toasted.


My current case # is 5056495 (I don't have RMA yet), while my old RMA # is 1252584. I can't find the details of last RMA, but I guess they can check it through the RMA number, right?

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