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TX850M Random shutdowns


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I bought my gaming computer 2 months ago, entirely new components and up until now everything has been running smoothly. Over the past 2 weeks my PC has been shutting down intermittently with no sign of warning or cause. The components are not over-heating, so everything up until now has been pointing towards a faulty power supply.


I had the PC run through a full day stress testing by the reseller I purchased it from and it checked out with a clean bill of health. I brought it home and it operated for about 10 minutes before powering down while checking Facebook running on Chrome (a.k.a. minimal processing load). The band-aid solution to restart the PC is to unplug it from the wall so the PSU has time to discharge and then plugging it into a different wall outlet. If I don't switch the wall outlet it doesn't seem to want to re-power. I've even gone so far as to plugging the PC into the electric stove 120V outlet which seems to be the most stable as it's 220V circuit, even then I've still experienced 1 shutdown.


It seems that even the slightest power fluctuation (low-end, mini-brownout) is causing the over sensitive PSU to shutdown.


Here is the rig:


Intel Core I7 3770K 3.50ghz

Water Cooling Kit ######## Kuhler H20 920

ASUS Sabertooth z77 1155

RAM Corsair vengeance 16GB (4x4gb)

EVGA GTX 570 Superclocked version

Coarsair Enthusiast series modular TX850M


The tech guy at the reseller didn't seem to understand the problem since he could not reproduce a powerdown at the store (The PC was plugged in UPS...).


Could I please get some ideas of what else it might be or verification that the power supply is in fact the culprit? The problem seems to be getting worse (frequency increasing) and I don't want to buy a UPS just to *patch* the real problem.

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Like I mentioned, I already tried different outlets. I tried almost every single outlet in my house, ended up trying the electric stove 120`s outlet and that's the only one that seem stable enough. Which tells me that the power supply cannot handle little power fluctuations in the house...The stove being the most stable circuit in a house, it seems to do the trick. Nothing else in the house have power problem...tho. The fluctuations are there, it's normal, but they are not THAT bad. Breakers don't trip or anything and everything else works, even the 15000 BTU AC in my living room.


I also have another computer that work in all those outlets without any problem at all. Same thing with my previous computer... Worked like a charm.


I did some testing like plugging the computer in the same circuit than my microwave is plugged in, then powered on the microwave... Computer shutted down instantly... but the breaker didnt trip.


The guy at the store couldn't reproduce the powerdowns but he said he was plugged into a UPS, which makes power stable too...


Can the PFC in the Power supply be broken or something? Or some protection bacame super extra sensitive or something... I'm out of ideas.

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