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650D incompatible with some 5.25" devices


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The 650D 5.25" bays seem to be incompatible with some 5.25" devices.


After struggling for hours to get an icybox into a bay (http://static.scan.co.uk/images/products/387507-a.jpg), we eventually managed to get the incompatible toolless clips off the bay and screwed the tray. However, the 4th corner in the case bay has no screw holes, so the icybox remains wobbly.


I have 4 different 5.25" devices that just won't go into the bays. I'm not sure whether to RMA the case or search for a way to drill new screw holes into the bays so that it'll all fit.


Is it a known design flaw of the case? There are always different preferences for different users, but 5.25" bays not being compatible with 5.25" devices seems a pretty major oversight.

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It's not a flaw and an RMA would not fix it. Thats the way they are designed,


I just removed the tooless clips to get my resivior in.


Theres screw holes in the back on the other side of the case.


I had no problems at all mounting my dvd drive in there and it's not wobbly at all.


They are basically made for drives and nor so much accessory items

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I agree, the case is expensive.


It is a flaw, since the designers forgot to consider you might want to put in something other than optical drives in the bays. It's clear that it's an oversight as the tool-less clip design has only been tested with solid optical bays. There are many 5.25" devices that aren't optical drives.


The designers also didn't consider that the front Bezels won't go back on with many 5.25" devices, such as HDD caddies, HDD coolers or silencers inside the 5.25" bays.


Basically anything that isn't a solid block with its own front panel, won't fit. For example, a Startech hot swap drive won't work, as it's not a solid block, it's designed to be screwed in on all 4 corners. But the case bays are missing screws on one corner. HDD silencers won't work because the front bezels can't clip back on.


It's great that Corsair made the auto-clips, but they really should think about allowing basic functionality (i.e. 8 screw holes) to take over just in case the clips don't work, and should realise that there are many internal 5.25" devices without a front panel. I'm surprised no one in the testing team picked up on it.

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