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H100 again


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A couple of months ago I RMA'd my H100 due to the grinding issue. Now the one I got back has started grinding (I can hear it over the fans). On checking the serial number of the unit it appears it was made before the fix was introduced.


Can I RMA this replacement unit? If I can what is the stance on postage costs? I remember reading somewhere that as it's an RMA of an RMA I wouldn't have to pay postage?





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Just thought I'd leave my success story here.

Contacted Corsair and they got back to me a couple of days later saying that they had dispatched a new H100 to me and arranged a collection on my faulty unit.


My H100 got collected a few days later and the next day my new H100 showed up. Both times I have had to send it back I have had nothing but good service. Especially this time.


All this happened in just 1 week so many thanks to Corsair Customer Service. For the record, this H100 unit is 100% whisper quiet.


Thanks again :)

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