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Force 3 60 GB didn't come with mounting screws or 3.5" adapter


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Recently I purchased a Corsair Force 3 for my boot drive. Upon recieving it, I found that it did not include the 3.5" adapter nor did it include any mounting hardware. The box showed no visible signs of being opened or tampered with. I'm confused by this because on the box itself, it states that there is a 3.5" adapter included.


I had submitted a customer service ticket 3-4 days ago, and have not received a reply. The lack of mounting hardware is the only thing preventing me from putting the SSD in my case. I know I can put some double sided tape on it and just stick it anywhere, but I'd much more prefer to mount it in the drive cages, as I have a large side panel window.


Thanks for any help!


Edit: Here's a picture of the box, showing that it should include a 3.5" adapter. http://i.imgur.com/l0B07.jpg


Edit Sorry for the quality I used my phone

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I have the same issue, but I'm in Brazil!


I contacted the seller and they said that this product (that has a slim package, instead of the old double deck) does not come with the adapter and screws anymore, although in the back of the cardboard it says it does, they just forgot to change the label.


Or Corsair owe me an adapter and screws!

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