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new 500R build - Opinions

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im collecting parts to rebuild my media server and would welcome any idea on a good compilation of parts

here are my ideas so far

already ordered a carbide 500r case

also a corsair ax750 PSU as its enough power for this and is fully modular

im going with corsair h100 fans for case fans since i have an additional Link

ill be cooling with a h100

ill be using an i7 2600 processor[from old server]

board will be a ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 LGA 1155 since it has 8 sata connectors so ill only need 1 internal sata controller card


heres the roadblock

i need 10 drive bays ,4 of these i want them to be mounted but powered up as needed

i found only 1 4 bay drive cage[fills 3 51/4 bays] with an on/off power but looks too cheesy to use--ideas welcomed

any idea or changes are appreciated for a better build


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thx but im wanting the option to power up the drives as ill only need to add additional data at times and cant see wearing em out by keeping them running all the time


Can the 4 bay drive cage you found be modded in a way as to fit inside the case behind the front bezel? Post a link to the cage let me have a look.

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