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CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 keeps resetting on B75MA P45


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Hey there,


I've bought this new PC and can't use more than 3 memories with it, PC just keeps resetting before BIOS screen.


I have 4x4 Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz rams and MSI B75MA P45 mainboard (with Bios upgrade 1.20)


I've tried every ram and every slot one-by-one and there's no problem on both rams nor mainboard, when they're installed single. I also tried many different slot configurations for 4x4, which none of them won't work.


Right now, I'm using 1-2-3-Empty, and was using 1-2-Empty-4th slots until this morning.


Tried to switch memory configurations from auto to manual with default settings but nothing changed.


Any suggestions?

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have you tried using 1 stick, enable XMP and install 1 stick at a time between reboots?

also- Supports Dual-Channel mode, two DIMMs per channel

*Intel 22nm CPU required. is that what you have?

you havent filled out your system specs in your profile, please do so we can try to help you further.

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Yep, done exactly as you've said. And it's gone when i put the 4th one.

EMP is enabled right now, i think only thing i didn't tried to disable it.


Is there a sequence that i should follow when i install my rams? I thought as they're identical, it doesn't matter if there's a fixed sequence.


And here's the specs:

CORSAIR 16GB (4x4GB) Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz CL9

MSI B75MA-P45 [intel B75 DDR3 / 2400MHz (O.C.)]

INTEL Core i5 3550 [socket 1155 3,3GHz 6MB Cache 22nm]

SEAGATE 3.5" 1TB Barracuda Sata 3.0 16MB Cache 7200Rpm


POWERCOLOR AMD Radeon HD6850 [GDDR5 1GB 256Bit]


(I'll add them to my profile now)

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its a time killing process but i would suggest trying to rule out the ram.

run 1 stick at a time @1600 in the first slot for a few passes, if all 4 sticks pass and if pairs pass in 1+3 and 2+4 then i suspect either the motherboard (for 70 bucks ya cant expect perfection) or maybe bent/misaligned pins under the CPU.?

also for giggles, yank out the vid card and see if it works with the onboard video.

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Rg, it's an I-5 3550 IvyBridge and does support 1600mhz memmory. The P45 threw me off too. Thought it was an old p45 chipset board t first.:)



load set-up defaults and enable XMP, then set the DIMM voltage to 1.55v instead of 1.5v and see if that is any better for you.

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  • 11 months later...

Reviving this thread so hard.


So, after months I had the chance to test memories on another fresh board and it does the same.


I'm wondering if there's a packaging problem with dual kits. I think there's something wrong with their ID numbers: http://imgur.com/7vchFGE


One pair follows each other: 6377 - 6378

And the other are even*: 6146 - 6148


Do you think this is normal?

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its fine, 6146 may have fell on the floor ;) they were all tested together at the factory and confirmed ok before packaging.

you say you tested them on a fresh board, was it the same CPU? do all 4 run ok at 1333? have you tried manual settings instead of XMP?

if you mentioned any of this before im sorry i missed it when i was getting another beer ;):

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Correction: Second pair are even, not odds.


@peanutz94: It was a 4-pack kit


@synthohol: yep, same hardware except mainboard (foxconn z75m-s). They don't run in any configuration when I plug 4 at once. Random 3 are working fine. Tried manual settings, checked CPU pins, and done memtest 1 at a time, and they're all OK.


Tomorrow I'll take memories and mainboard to service and see if they can figure it out.

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