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TX650 V2 eps/atx12v question


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My old power supply was on its way out (5 min delay in turning on pc) so i have just installed a new TX650 V2 - all working fine & instant start up, im happy :biggrin:


Just a question regarding the 2 x 4-pin eps/atx12v connections.



The old PSU only had 1 4-pin connector, the motherboard has 2 connections, so 1 was spare, thats how it was set up.


The new TX650 has 2 4-pin connectors, i have only plugged 1 in (keeping things the same as it was) but now im wondering if i can plug both in im guessing for a more stable setup.


This is the 1st PSU i've changed over so would like some clarification on if thats ok to do, a quick search online hasn't come up with any answers.


Thanks. :cool:

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