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Bad RMA case handling


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  • Corsair Employees

Your Thread was moved to the customer care area of the forum where we can maybe better help you.

In Addition, you have been set to be moderated so any post you make will have to be reviewed by one of the moderators before it can be seen on the forum.

And I have removed some of your posts that have nothing to do with your issue. We are here to help you not take abuse from you. That is not what we can do to help. I am sorry that feel you have to lower your self to that but we will not tolerate abuse of other users or helpers on the forum or Rule Violations.

We will do our best to help you but please be respectful!


Also I might add that if the case will not work for you I would ask the reseller if they will let you return it and you can get something else and I will be happy to have the case we are sending to you canceled.

Any discussion of Laws or Lawyers will not be allowed on the forum as this is not the place for that. We are not lawyers and will not debate that with you or anyone else.

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