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voyager gt 32 when is to many bad ones?


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I have sent an email to customer support and hope it actually sent as it didnt look like it sent.

I have purchased the for sale last thanksgiving from new egg, I have had to do a rma 5+ times and I paid for shipping there so I would get my return faster.


If i cannot get a reply from my email to support for it not sending it or they are really busy then i guess i will break down and call.


ramguy if you read this I would be greatfull for any help. It is getting very old to have to do this so many times. I dont believe it was suppose to be hung up like a picture to be admired so nothing goes wrong. I have never had so many problems with a corsair product.


I have not opened another rma yet as waiting for reply, but if you want to look at the last one that was replaced the rma was


RMA number: 4869985

Corsair Product: CMFVYGT3-32GB

Quantity Returned: 1


and it will probally show all the others that was replaced too. I just dont want to keep sending the same thing back for the same thing over and over again. Please try to make sure i dont get another faulty device.

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