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Some thoughts after my new i5IB H100 build


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Installed an H100 on my new 3570 IB and kinda underwhelmed at the temps.


It's 30C idle and 65 to 70C at full load prime 95 with a moderate 4.2 ghz OC.


Now I know that the IB is notoriously prone to run hotter than the previous 2500k chips, so I kinda accept this for what it is. The system stills rocks as it is.


Until now i've been happy with the H series hassel free coolers, but a custom loop system keeps calling me. I've never done one, and it seems fun, but I don't want to end up tinkering with my rig more than playing games.


My question is, has Corsair considered stepping up the game by making H series coolers that rival custom loop performance ?


I mean what if corsair offered a 360 x 80mm thick Rad like the alphacool nexxos Monsta ones in a all in one closed loop.


I would be happy with just a 360mm H100 version that was all copper and a GPU H series that was 120 or 240mm that could adapt to any gpu waterblock.


Something to think about.

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They fit in an 800D, I ment for this to be a step up line. These suggestions are for a target customer above the average person. There are a lot of people that have enthusiest type demands, but are too lazy to fool with custom WC. Think of it like an ultmate performance H series....The H "1,000".


Any ways, I read into getting started with a custom loop. There's a great 360mm Rad with pump / res kit from XSPC ( the Raystorm)for $200 that looks pretty no brainer to install. I'm kicking my self that I didn't go with that...maybe the next build.

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Again, the 800D is perfect for for a 360 RAD. Usually people will upgrade the case too if they are looking for serious cooling. Hell, those XSPC 360 Rad raystorm kits seen pretty popular with the overclock.net crowd. Beefing up the H series RADs to 360 and make them thicker will definately increase performance.....I think it would be a hit.
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