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Please help me with my install.... Nothing major


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Need help....


Got a virus...


Have USB stick loaded with parted magic...


Can "internal secure erase" drive


Once that is done... Where do I go from there ?


I DO NOT want the 100mb system partition that is created with windows, so I need direction now....


Please/Thank you

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Right, I get that... But I want someone to give me step by step directions after the erase....


Do I go into the partition editor and create everything there / or do I re-start and let windows format the drive ?


Thanks for your reply...

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After secure erasing the drive with Parted Magic.


When you are on the Windows install screen, Press SHIFT+F10

A command window should pop-up.

Type diskpart

Type list disk

Type select disk X (X being the number of the SSD).

Type create partition primary

A success message should pop-up

Type Exit

Type Exit

Continue with the Windows install

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