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TX750W V2 not working properly?


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(Computer specs in profile)


Hi there.


Basically I purchased a PSU via Aria.co.uk back in May. All was good and working up until July when the PSU decided to cut off and stop working.


Logically thinking the first thing I did was put in my old PSU and see if that worked, it did. So I requested a RMA via Aria.co.uk and sent it to them for inspection. In reply they told me that the PSU worked perfectly fine and sent it back to me. I then placed the PSU back in my computer and it worked normal again...for about a day and then I began to hear some similar buzzing noise from my CPU fan that I previously heard before, which ended up in it cutting off again completely.


I have tried all the "1 stick of RAM", "graphics card out" and "update your bios" tips, including changing the power cable and so on.. but nothing seems to work.


What baffles me is that my old 500W PSU works fine but my new Corsair 750w PSU doesn't? Is my motherboard not compatible with the PSU?


What do I do? Do I send it back to Aria.co.uk and request for a replacement? I'm not sure what to do as they have told me its fine.


Advice/help would be much appreciated.


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I would send it to Corsair instead of the place of purchase in this case. Use the link on the left t request an RMA and have Corsair replace it directly.


That was my original plan but Aria said on my PSU purchase (in my account purchases) to send it to the Netherlands (which costs alot!), so obviously I emailed them about it and they told me to send it to them.


If I send it via here, where will the shipment be to? + do you think Aria were lieing about it not being faulty?

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If you are going to RMA the unit from us then you will need to send it out to our Netherlands facility, which the closest to your location but If your re seller will take it back for replacement then that's most efficient way to handle your replacement.
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