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K90 Doesnt work on desktop, works on laptop.


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Hi, I just recently ordered the k90 and received it today. Upon plugging in the keyboard to my desktop, it started to install some generic drivers, and when it completed, nothing happened. My computer detects no input from the keyboard, but the LED lights, etc, are functional.


I tried a restart, and oddly enough, it does detect input as I am able to get into BIOS, but after windows boots, nada.


I tried plugging it into my laptop, and it works, simple as that.



My mobo on my desktop is a Asus P5KPL-AM-SE, a pretty old board.

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The keyboard shows up as Unknown Device in device manger under other devices.


In bios, it does detect the keyboard:


USB Devices enabled:

2 keyboards, 1 mouse (My old keyboard is plugged in for the time being)


Also, the media buttons seem to function properly. Im guessing the issue here is that the driver for the actual keyboard portion isn't being installed properly?


I've updated the firmware to the latest on my laptop and tried plugging it back into my desktop. Still no luck. One thing did change; upon plug in, it started to attempt to install the drivers for the keyboard, and it was actually listed as Corsair k90, instead of the generic usb.

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