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PSU Compatibility Issue?


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I just purchased a TX550M to replace a VX550W which I had self installed a couple of years ago. My main reason for replacing the VX is because I've been having some heat issues and I was hoping the fewer cables of a modular PSU would help alleviate the problem.


When I powered up after installing the TX though, all my fans started spinning but my MB didn't beep, I had no video display, and the light on my power button remained yellow instead of white. Is this a compatibility issue? The TX appears to be ok as the paper clip test was successful.


Thanks in advance.

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It may not be compatible I see this is an OEM system, the older PSU is likely ATX2.03 Specification and the newer PSU is ATX 2.1-2.3 Spec. while it should work OEM systems are not overly free with Specification information.

Have you tried the Paper Clip test on the PSU to be sure it is working

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