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M90 and CS


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I buy an M90 and due to these forums I leave it in the box until drivers/software get fixed. So I find there are now decent drivers so I tke it out. It does nothing.


I contact tech support and do do all the suggestions they give me but nothing helps.


Ok back to CS. Get an RMA but I'm told that after paying over $70 for something that they never should have shipped in it's broken state.


Now it's over 30 days so I have to pay shipping.


I feel this is outrageous. I didn't break it.


I have always sworn by corsair for their memory and power supplies. After this though I will never buy any of their products or anything that has them in it ever again.



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Its was probably a DOA unit.


Request an RMA to replace it. You pay the shipping back to them, Corsair pays shipping back to you.


If you receive a faulty replacement, Contact Customer service or reply back to your case and tell them it is faulty.

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