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ASUS k8v SE deluxe with Corsair cmx512 3200c2 v1.2


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I have an ASUS k8v SE deluxe with Corsair twinx cmx512 3200c2pt (xms3202v1.2) and I have searched for the same setup (MB/memory) here and found many posts. I then followed the suggestions posted here. I tried and installed them on slot 1 and 3 with the following setup and still failed in memory test program: updated MB bios to 1.04 DDR voltage 2.7 400Hz use standard mode (performance mode off) CAS Latency CL=2.5 Trcd: 3 Tras: 6 Trp: 3 Enable 2T timing: Enable other setting are left to auto (BIOS default) I started to think I got bad memory or something. Can someone please help me. Thank you. :[pouts:
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