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Possibly a faulty power supply?


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I just built a new PC, and when i push the power button on my case, the power light flickers on for a quarter of a second and the fans start running for that same fraction of a second, then everything powers off.


All my Umbilical cables are plugged in correctly on the LED pins on my motherboard. This happens sometimes, as most of the time when i push the power button, the PC just doesn't turn on at all.


Is this possibly a problem with the PSU?


Thanks in advance

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Hi bobbie50


If thers a electrical short or if CPU cooler is not properly install it could do that

Cheak ery pin ove your CPU cooller if it priperly click

If only one ove those pin is not properly click

CPU will overheat in a fraction ove a second and PC will automaticely shot down because ove the protection.


For electric short inspect all ove you electic cable in PC if you can see a uncover.

If you find a defective wire change it or reper it.

If you don't find any posible electical short

Then just plug the 24 pins and 4 pins connector on motherboard, no HDD(SSD), no DVD, NO blueray take you PCIe vidiocard out and use the unboard one just for test to see is PC will go on. If it run, then install you videocard but only one componant and start pc. After istall hhd and startt pc adn then DVD and start pc. This way you will eliminat any hardware defect produc.


Is you can you could test PSU in other PC or go back to store they will test it

As it new it still on waranty they should not charge you any thing for that and if you have a defect produc store should do exchance in firts 10 to 30 days depend on store policy.


Hope this help

Sincerly youyrs

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Try unpluggin the Case switch at the MB and then use an insultaed screwdriver to short the pins on the MB and see if you computer will start normally that way. Your just bypassing the case switch. Or use the power switch on your MB if it has one.


You could also run the papaerclip test outlined in the sticky's under "Brief functionality test"

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bypassing the case switch by short the pins is not a good idea

Use the reset switch as power switch same a bether idea to me

Sorry turbo, but this is the only way to rule out a faulty case switch. Using the reset button will do nothing as far as that is concerned. It's a common practice and has been recommended on this forum MANY times. And will NOT void the warranty!


You are simply using the screw driver to make the connection rather than the case switch. It's not really a "short", just another way to make the connection.


Bobiey , if you are uncomfortable using a screwdriver to make the connection, you could also by a small "momentary switch" at any local hardware/electronics store and connect it to the pins on the MB too.

It would function the same as the case switch , just by passing it for testing purposes.


[EDIT] I understand what Turbo was saying now. Just unplug both the power and reset switch connections, and then plug the reset switch to where the power switch connects to. The reset switch would then act as the power switch.

Either way will work, so it's what you feel comfortable with.


If you still have the same issue with the system starting i would have the PSU replaced. If you are still within your resellers time frame for replacement, i would start there. If not you can use the link on the left to request an RMA and have Corsair replaced direct through Corsair.



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I'm having the same problem as bobbie50, but I've eliminated the PSU as a possible fault by using it to power another computer. The parts are a Gigabyte Z77-D3H mobo, Corsair Vengeance RAM, Corsair CX600 PSU, Intel i7 2700K, and a WD Black HDD. TIA guys.
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You can get the BIOS from Gigabytes site and the procedure to update it will be covered in your owners manual. I would really suggest you try that first.


You can always call Gigabytes support and they will walk you through it if you are uncomfortable doing it.


And since you have already eliminated the PSU as the problem i would suggest you call them anyway to troubleshoot the issue. It's possible you have a bad MB or case switch that was also mentioned.

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