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600T side window


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Hey guys, I have a 600T graphite color with the mesh insert on the side panel. I really like my case; best case I have ever owned, and I have owned a couple!!

My question is if is there any way I could purchase just the side window and trim and not the entire side panel assembly. I realize $29.99 is an amazing deal for the entire door but shipping charges just kill it for me! I live in Puerto Rico so shipping alone is over $50!!!!!!


Anybody from Corsair that could probably help me out with an answer would be greatly appreciated.

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What i mean is by asking Customer Service if you can purchase the acrylic and trim as parts instead of it installed on a side panel.


You can contact Customer Service by contacting them via phone. You can use Skype to call their toll-free number if you are outside the US.


Or you can use their contact form under company.

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