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Need some info Force GT 120 GB


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Hi, my SSD is running off a x79 (c600 ahci sata controller) motherboard G1 assassin 2.



From HWiNFO :




Now from the above info i can see it running in ATA 100 not ATA 133...there is no where in my bios to see or change the setting...it does say its running in 6.0Gps sata though ?







can i get some help please! :P

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ATA 100/133 is only mentioned in one area, and it's not related to the drive speed or controller. ATA 100/133 is for PATA. Since it's a SATA drive, you can ignore that!


Your ATTO speeds are pretty close to the max speeds of the drive.

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cheers for the reply, no problems then, i was worried there was yet another problem with my NEW G1 assassin 2 (named assassin because it will kill YOU)..



prob buy another GT and raid them, do you know of any issues like trim ect that might be a problem in raid ?

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