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I've tried to get information regarding the fans that come with the H80 and all my searches have come up blank.


I'm trying to find out what type of bearing these fans are as in sleeve, ball bearing or whatever they may be.


The second thing that I'm trying to find out is the cfm that they are rated at. I'm wanting to go with something that pushes more cfm, but without knowing what these are rated at I don't know what my options are.


Thanks in advance.

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The stock fans are pretty good.



46-92 CFM



Thanks. I knew they blew pretty decent, just didn't know they were that decent. I put a Scythe ULTRA-KRAZE for the puller which has 133CFM or something near that but it's rated for 3000RPM. I wanted to go with another kraze for the pusher so I could maximize any possible cooling.


Do you know if it's ball bearing stock fans or if it's sleeve?


Also I've read many people complaining about the speed issue of the fans, and I'm one of the ones that don't really care, I'd rather them go as fast as they can. The thing with my H80 is that on the fastest setting it's between 2200-2300 RPM, or that's what the bios and the software I have to monitor say. I've read some other posts that say it goes up as needed, but is there a way to just have it stay at 2500rpm or higher?


Thanks again.

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Sorry, Don't know the type of fans.


The H80 fans should be plugged into the H80 fan controller. The RPM you are seeing in the BIOS is the Pump RPM.


This may help with the Fan controller profiles



See that was one thing that had me confused. Is there anyway to bring and keep the pump rpm 2500+ and how to make the fans stay running at max speed? That's what I've tried to figure out for the last week lol.

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My 2 cents

For efficient cooling of radiator optimum airflow is desired. Using a very high speed fan may not result in a significant drop in temp say, a fan of 3000 rpm against the recommended stock corsair fan. The temp drop will also depend on the ambient air temperature.


For example in this part of the world the ambient temp all year around is around 30 to 35 deg C.

If the radiator temp is say 40 deg and with efficient airflow the radiator temp can only drop to ambient and no less. Practically this does not happen. The radiator temp will be 1 or 2 deg above ambient. The effective temp drop of CPU could be between 0 to 1 deg.


If the the fans are setup to push hot air out the results will be less significant depending on the case, intake fans,component layout.


Therefore Corsair recommends to install with ambient air blowing in.

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