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M90 lift problems. New user first impressions, feedback and more!


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Ok, my first Corsair mouse, the M90 is here. I have the latest software and have flashed the firmware. When I set the lift height distance to Mid-low I get a symptom like stuttering and when I set lift height to Low I can't move the mouse at all. I had to plug the mouse back in and change the lift height before the drivers kicked in to be able to use the mouse again. My mouse mat is a Steelseries 9HD and the software says it's a good surface, 5 out of 5 blocks.


First impressions, the length is just right for my index finger to reach the end of the left button, but my middle finger hangs over the right button, so it makes me think I should hold it bit of an angle to stop that happening but it does not feel natural.


The side buttons.. some are a nice size and some are to small to be usable, they are also very clunky buttons requiring a considerable amount of effort to press which leaves more buttons not very optimal to be used with how deep they are set into that key area. Lastly, when pressing some of the buttons I cannot keep the mouse steady because of the pressure needed to actuate the buttons. This would make using these buttons in an FPS rather deadly, and certain death if you had to do it with speed.


The mouse wheel is awesome, feels really good.. like awesome.


Left and right mouse buttons feel nice and snappy like a Razer mouse.


The mouse wheel is so cool it deserves a second mention.


The weight of the mouse is fine. It's more on the heavy side but it doesn't lose any finesse.


The mouse software is rather basic.. or are other brands to excessive? I know that I feel more in control when I was looking at my ROCCAT Kone+ software, even though I only changed my lift distance and DPI, which I have also done with my M90.


If I were to design the M120 I would make the right button as long as the left, and I would also make the side buttons softer, wayyyyyyyyy softer so I don't have to hammer these buttons. Make them as soft as the left and right mouse buttons.

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M90 Is a great mouse. I had it for about six moths but it was too have for me and it got a bit slippery under thumb and under the fingers at the other side. While regular usage was OK but while rapid/aggressive gaming mouse was slipping out of my hand. I got exchange to M60 and I'm delighted xD Weight is just right. (you can adjust it) wheel is same good as M90 has and sensor of course has same quality and responsiveness.
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I dropped the DPI to 5k to see if that stopped the "sticky" mouse curser, it's what I mentioned in my first post. Sticky is a new way I just thought of to describe it. I'd be moving the mouse and it will stop and carry on, even if it's like a 0.1 of a second it's still noticeable.


Dropping to 5k DPI didn't solve anything. So I dropped the "Report Rate Setting" to 2ms, mouse was default at 1ms, and it seems to have sorted the problem.

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