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H70 Information


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Right, so I hope this isn't forbidden, but will give it a shot.

I have been digging for days now to find some information regarding the H70

apart from the CFM of the fans and static pressure.




I am writing my Extended Essay as part of my International Baccalaureate Diploma, and seeing that I love Physics/D&T/Computers related topics I chose to investigate the Physics behind Liquid and Air Cooling of CPU's.


Part of this investigation was a practical where I tested at different frequencies (2.66-2.80-3.00-3.20) and CPU loads (normal - 100% (stress test)) my i7 with the Corsair H70 and the Akasa AK-980


The results were as expected, the H70 wan.


I now need to analyse these results, but to do that part, I need to calculate the efficiency of these 2 coolers.


AK-980, done

H70, no done.


I am missing key information regarding the H70, specifically the pump specs.

I have requested support from the Corsair Team, but apparently this information is not shared with the public. Although I don't get why, the rest of the companies supply this information, with the product, fair enough, company policies.


The point of this post: If anyone has put the time and effort into testing one of these units, would they be so kind as to sharing their findings?


It would be extremely helpful, as this essay is nothing without a Data Analysis.



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Mass Flow Rate is what I'm trying to find,


To find that I need the amount of liquid flowing per second

And the density of the liquid (which is mainly water with a slight amount of an oil so ~ 1Kg/m^-3)


All I need is the amount of liquid flowing per second from a specific point (OR anything that can lead me to that)


Thank you for your reply.

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Yes, unfortunately this is what I found researching too, however there have been a lot of people who had opened it up and tried to work out these things.


However, their findings are not clear/incomplete/not verified by others


If anyone has had any experience with the H70 it would be very helpful guys..


Thanks for your reply RAM GUY

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