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Where do I plug the 650D/550D's fans into?


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First time poster, here's my question.


I'm moving all my current parts (in the specs above) into a Corsair Obsidian case -- the heat this summer had me seriously concerned I wasn't getting enough cooling. As far as I'm aware, on my CURRENT power supply, there's nowhere to plug the fans. So, with my ECS Elitegroup mobo, can I use the fan connectors on it, OR am I going to have to purchase a new PSU and/or mobo? This was my first build.


If this is in the wrong location, please move it. Thanks!

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The 650D has a fan controller, So you can plug the fans into the controller.


The 550D does not have a fan controller, So the fans plug into the motherboard.


Or you can buy those 3-pin to molex connectors.


Based on what you say here, I think I'm better off going for the 650D, so as to not need to worry about plugging into the mobo. I'm figuring the fewer cables I have to put in, the better. I hadn't yet pulled the trigger to buy the case -- but I am going to do so this morning (USA East Coast time). Had to wait for a direct deposit to be credited to my bank -- and it just now was at 0430.


Thanks for the quick response.

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I just recently switched to a 650D myself. I have to say it is a world of difference from my old LAncool case.


It even dropped my temps by almost 10c just because i was able to put all my watercooling components inside the case instead of having my RAD mounted outside on the old one where it hung over the GPU and PSU exhaust.:)


It really is a beautiful case!





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