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AX650W went out already?


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Ever since my last power supply (some diablotek thing), went out by making a loud popping sound, I thought that the power supply was the main problem (since it wouldn't turn on. So I brought this power supply, and I was lured to the reviews on Newegg that it was fantastic, and it was. It was quiet, and never made noise. I turned on my computer and went away to do something and when it came back, the power supply fell into the same fate as my old one. Now it won't turn on and I think the PSU is fried :(


Is it the power supply thats the problem or is my specs the problem also?

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Good question. Could you please fill in your system specs to better help us , help you.



CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 820

Raedon HD 5750

750 HDD




Anything else? I got my computer refurbished years ago from HP

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Yes the make and model of MB is the most important part of this equation and you did not mention that?

But from what you have posted I am suspecting this is an HP system that you are trying to upgrade is that correct?

Have you tried the Paper Clip test with only a HDD and case fan connected to the PSU?

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