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Bought cheap Corsair 30Gb + 60GB Accelerator SSD's at the weekend - which managed to mess up my two rock steady Win7 64 Intel P35C Q6600 crunching machines :eek:


Both now rebuilt - data restored and I think the problem is sorted.:biggrin:


They crashed and burned on am RTC bootup - with all sorts of driver and hardware weirdness - and clearly corrupted caches - even though they were running sweet on Sunday. So much for a cheap simple upgrade and performance boost. Good job I had recently backed up with Acronis. :roll:


Can't risk them both going down together again - so am only running 1 with an active SSD until I am certain on reliability.


BTW I think the resolution was (HDD's fully reformatted + SSD on same Intel drive controller as Boot HDD in standard rather than AHCI or RAID mode)..... fingers crossed :sigh!:


So far I have rebooted the SSD enabled machine 4 times including dummy task scheduler shutdown with no issues. Next test is 11pm auto shutdown + RTC alarm reboot tomorrow morning.


I've not really seen much benefit with the SSD because it is running on a clean install machine.


So my questions are these.


How can I really be sure it is working ?


Is there any sort of monitoring software available ?


Thanks in advance

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OK - Confirms it is working - and PC still running without issue after 24 hours plus including task scheduler shutdown and rtc boot up.


Looks like problem solved.


Still want a couple of weeks uninterrupted reliability before I will consider activating on 2nd machine.


The status software is a bit 'primitive' to say the least.


Are there no 3rd party apps to reassure me that my expenditure has generated real performance benefits ?

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