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My V2000 Souds great BUT....


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OK, I will try to convay my issue as simply as possible....


After buying the headset i naturaly was excited to charge it and give it a test run so i did indeed plug it in and waited for the port to turn green.

While it was charging i plugged in the dongle as well as downloaded the software from your site.


As soon as the headset was charged (about 2.5hrs) i whipped em up and scooted into my room to make the pairing, this happened efortlessly and the software walked me thru the testing stages.


now thats its installed i tried to open my game and found everytime i did it crashed on startup (it being the game) so i tried a few more time with the same results.


Next i desided to uninstall the game and reinstall it but low and behold it still didnt start up, then i desided to try and use my secondery rig and to my suprise exactely the same thing, the game would start to open then poof gone. I again un/reinstalled it on my other sys with it just doing the same thing...


I figure ok, lest dig a bit deeper so i simply tried to play an mp3 and YES i got sound and it was awesome, they sounded great so i got my hopes up again and desided to try the game again... no luck in either rig so i then removed the Dongle.


SHAZAM my game booted up and i was playing!! but now the freaky part..

as soon as i plugged the dongle in (on either rig 1 or 2) poof instant crash of the game!


OK OK so my game crashes when running and doesnt boot when the dongle is inserted...


I desided to download skype and see if i could get these things working on somthing.


I was able to use them without issues on skype so that leads me to these forms.


Any idea why its not compatable with a givin game?


*the game worked fine with my logitech usb wired headset until it broke a few days back... I also opened a support ticket today numbered - 4971397

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I just gave it a try and no go.....


Like i said it works fine in the "case port" thats hooked to the "mobo" so in turn its "powered"


Theres a conflict with the game program itself i believe..


Tryin to figure out what that could be is way above my head, and unless a patch or workaround is known ill just stuff em in a drawer and go buy somthing that works

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OK, I'v just confirmed that the set works on both my laptops..


#1 Dell XPS with Vista 32


#2 Dell M14 with 7ultimate 64


each launched both viewers without issues and V2000 both Tx & Rx


all i can figure is its an OS issue and its time to bite the bullet and get a win7 3pk for my home systems

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