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MSI Delta-L & Dual Channel Problems


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Hiya! Got a question for you. I've got an MSI Delta-L mobo and just picked up 2 sticks of Corsair VS256MB400 256MB DDR400 PC3200 CAS2.5 Value Select Memory and cannot get the third RAM slot to work for Dual Channel. When I put it in place (a chip in 1 or 2, and the second chip in 3) and turn it on, I get a long, 2 second or so 'beep', a few seconds of silence, then the beep again (rinse, repeat). Now, I'm not so much concerned with running in dual channel at the moment, but in the future I would like to add a 512meg stick to that third slot, and if it ain't working, how, if at all, can I fix it? Thanks! AMD XP 3000+ Barton MSI Delta-L ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256-bit 128 meg
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