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HX620 : computer shuts down after 20 seconds occt test


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hello !


system summary:

-cpu q9550 @stock (8 pin connector)with asus silent square cooler

-mobo striker II extreme (mobo connector)

-3 gb ram @ 1333mhz

-geforce 9800 (6 pin connector)

-corsair hx 620 psu

-320 go 7200rpm hard disk + 1 dvd RW on the same sata cable

-4 extra fans, all on the same molex (i mean 2 on each plug on one single cable)



tl;dr: Computer runs fine but then I normally don't do anything really demanding. Most demanding thing I've done recently is OCCT PSU stress test and then---crash.

My question is, should I be worried that the computer crashes after 20 seconds of OCCT PSU test ? Does that means it would crash in very demanding programs/games also? what further testing can I do to check if my HX620 has any defect ?




It's been quite warm here in belgium and I've been experimenting fan set up and stuff to improve my cpu cooling (intel core 2 quad q9550, at stock 2.83 ghz). (the cpu's ok, +/- 45°C idle, but anyway).


The system runs fine normally, but I haven't done anything really tasking in ages.

I tried to use the OCCT software cpu stress test to quicly raise temperature but the computer shut down after 20 seconds.


Cpu temperature being only 58°C when it shut down,I suspected something else: I then ran the OCCT PSU stress test and the computer shut down after 20 seconds again. I redid the test a couple times yesterday and today, and same thing, crash after 20 sec (the 12v stays at 12.08, though).


Not being sure the occt stress test being representative of real-life load, I tried TESV:skyrim, just played the first 30 minutes, all went fine. Back to the desktop, I checked in OpenHardwareMonitor that recorded a maximum cpu load of at least 80% for each of the four core,which seems to indicate skyrim was pretty stressing on the machine ?


My question is then, should I be worried that the computer crashes after 20 seconds of OCCT PSU test ? what further testing should I do?


Thanks :)



edit: found a video on youtube of the same thing, not really useful but clear :

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They do check the forums pretty regularly. Corsair is closed on the weekends and sometimes depending on how many requests they recieved over the weekend it may take them a day to catch up.


I'm sure once they do , they will respond. If you need an answer right away you can always call the toll free line listed under contact on the main website page. Since you are in belgium, you could install and use SKYPE to call them for nothing.


I would offer an answer myself, but im not sure about this as this is the first i've seen this issue and taking a guess could be totally wrong.:)

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Not sure if my experience is relevant to your issue but:

I had to change my old HX520 PSU for my new Asus board because of an issue that caused the system to just power off at random intervals. Sometimes it would be fine for many hours, others it would just cut power after a few minutes. This was apparently a well reported problem(fixed in later PSU's).

Good luck anyway.

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  • Corsair Employees

That was not a known issue just a failing PSU or MB in your case edon4444...

This can be caused by the MB or a failing Power issue either on the MB or PSU, I would test the system with another PSU or test this PSU in another system.

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Apologies if that info is not correct. It's just what Asus tech support told me.

They said that on their new 'Z77' based boards there was an issue with older Corsair PSU's and the 'power good' signal which caused the PSU shutdowns.

Thinking about it that has to be a motherboard issue.

Their tech said that you had worked together to sort it.

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  • Corsair Employees
There was an issue on the 950TX PSU that we made a change on our PSU to over come but the issue was the MB Power regulation was not to spec. That is the only issue I am aware of and it was a few years ago.
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