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About real size available for cache in the Corsair Accelerator 60 GB


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Hi, im a new user for this HDD boost tech.

And I have some doubts.


First is, which is the real size in GB that we have available for caching with the 60 GB model?

When first installed, I swear I saw 60 GB before format.


I had some problems, like HDD hiccups, so I uninstalled Dataplex, and plugged the SSD to a sata2 port (it was on a sata3 port).


After that, no more clicking noises from the HDD's, but when I've installed again the Dataplex (and after updating the frimware to the last available now) i've seen that the available cache GB's had lowered to 55 ish GB.


Is that normal?


Also, in the first setup (when connected to the sata3 port) it was showing more speed in CrystalDiskMark. But now I've passed Atto, and all seems ok.

Pretty high speeds. Is CrystalDiskMark not reliable on SSD's?


Thanks in advance.

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1. At least, 60 000 000 thousand-bytes, thats what you paid for according to IEC standards and mathematic.

2. Yes, it is normal. You are wrong, windows "shows" what 60 000 000 thousand bytes are on 1024 base, which is 55 GiB. That is not a Gigabyte.

- If you dont get it try this: 1 kilo is not the same than 1024 grams.

3. No, it is relieable for "real-life" speed-measures, not theoretical max that atto shows, which you practically never achieve.

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