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Force GS 240 GB slower than mechanical drive!


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I have a Force GS 240GB drive that I am evaluating for my boss. I have tried it in several controllers, an nVidia nForce400 series and 500 series, and a Silicon Image SiI3114.


I just installed Windows 7x64 Ultimate onto it, along with drivers for testing.


On the two nVidia controllers, reads and writes measured with ATTO topped out at around 120 MB/Sec, a bit less than the 142 of a mechanical RAID0 array. These controllers are built in to the motherboards.


On the SiI controller, writes topped out at about 44 MB/Sec and reads about 95, writes being slower than a single mechanical drive. This controller card was on a PCI card.


These are all SATAII controllers, so I am not expecting full speed from the drive, but this is really slow performance.


Is there something I can do to get more speed out of this drive?

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I used ATTO, and ALL these controllers are SATA II, as stated in my post.


I realize that I can't get absolutely full speed without SATA III, but the articles on the Corsair website suggested that I could get most of it. The speeds I recorded are less than mechanical drives.


I would like to determine if the SSD is defective, or if I need to use it on a different controller.

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Yes, they're SATA II, but I also specifically mentioned testing them on an INTEL or AMD SATA port. Those are the only ones Corsair tests on, and IIRC nVidia's SATA ports / drivers weren't the best in the world. I don't know much about SI's SATA ports.
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The Nvidia controllers are known to run SSDs and sometimes HDs on SATA I speeds. Unfortunately there is no fix for it.



SATA II is SATA 3Gb/s.


Try the SSD on a Intel or AMD chipset based system and the speeds should be better.

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Hi ronmorris


Not all sata2 controlleur could run full speed ove sata3 SSD, only last Intel chipset is able to run sata3 SSD at full speed.(Z68,X77,X79...)

If you dont want to buy a new system Because $$$

you could buy a pcie 8x controller like the highpoint 2720SGL like i did for lest then 200$

This controlleur have 8 sas to sata3 connector And reach it maximum speed ove 28000MB/s with only 6 sata3 SSD



If you buy a pcie controller be sure to get a pcie 8x

As pcie 1x have a limitation ove 500MB/s, it is no able to run even one sata3 SSD at full speed and it get even worst in raid.


Hope this help

Sinbcerly yours

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