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Corsair Graphite Series 600T 360 Radiator

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I would check to see how much clearance you have between the top end of the RAM slots and the roof of the case, and also check for clearance between the 8 pin EPS connector and the roof, and the clearance between the VRM heatsink along the top edge of the board, as these, more than anything else are your limiting factors in what rad will fit.


But as far as the case is concerned, you can fit a 360 rad, but as I'm sure you know, you'll need to dremel out a section of the case roof and plastic to fit one.


On my motherboard I have about 38mm of clearance between the VRM heatsink and the roof, and about 37mm of clearance between the RAM slots and the roof, so it's incredibly tight, but yours looks to be even less from what I can tell from pictures of the board.


Your best bet would be to make a mock up of the rad from cardboard exactly to the same physical dimensions as the radiator and put that in place and see what clearance you have, that'll tell you everything you need to know about what you can and can't fit ^___^

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