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300R fan problem?


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I've never attempted to upgrade a case before and want you to know I'm frightfully new at this so please bear with me.


I have taken a very acceptable performing HP m9360f (except for cooling) and taken all the hardware and installed in a new Corsair 300r. I've been storing the m9360f in a desk cabinet built specifically for this computer and have installed dust filters in large openings front and back. The 300r will serve me well for years to come as I plan on upgrading the components over the next year. I held my breath and turned the computer on...




Appeared all was well until I realized the front 140mm fan was not turning. The motherboard on the ol' m9360f had only two fan connectors (one 3-pin, one 4-pin) so I picked up a splitter at Fry's to hook up the 120mm rear fan and the 140mm front fan to the 3-pin. The 4-pin is used on the CPU's Hyper TX3 92mm Noctua fan. I switched the fans on the splitter to see if that was the problem and 140mm still did turn. Which leads me to a few questions:


1. Is it possible the 140mm needs more wattage than my old motherboard is capable providing it? In that case, perhaps I'd need to use a molex to power it... but I have no earthly idea how to connect them.

2. Is it possible that the fan is simply bad?


I'm sorry for the long note. I'd appreciate any/all you can provide.

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Yes it is possible the fan is bad I would try and use a 4-pin molex adapter or connect it directly to the MB and see if it spins up.

But the fan headers are standard and should power the fans even a 4 Pin PWM fan will also work as a 3 pin TAC fan at least ours will.

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