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[M60] Problem with Scroll click


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I bought a mouse a while ago. The M60. However, the product presented a problem. Not too serious, but it is really annoying. The middle button, when clicked, can hear and feel the click, but the click action does not happen, then applying a little extra strength, the action really happens. If I hold the button at this point, where the click happens, I gently push my finger a little more and the click happens. The store where purchased, provide a warranty of the product, thus it is responsible for making the RMA product, but so far she has not done, because it claims that the mouse is in good condition. I wonder if this is a real problem or is this normal. Furthermore, the product has the same defect as claimed here. The scroll is slightly loose and may move to the right and left.


This message was translated by google, I'm from Brazil.


Here I tried to draw the problem:




So, the real question is, its it a problem or is it normal? I think it's a problem because a 10 bucks mouse haven't this annoying problem/feature.

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Its not normal. Contact your seller and ask if they can replace it for you. Ask the shopkeeper go to this thread and tell them that it is not normal for a M60 mouse to need that extra push to click the mouse. If they do not want to replace it request an RMA.
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