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just received my 16gb xms3. Now what?


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Yea sorry bout that. Just got a little excited.


So, i installed the ram today. Went from 2sticks of 2 gb each to 4 stick of 4 gb each and noticed almost no difference.


I checked the ram and it did install properly, the computer reads 15.8 gb installed.


Still takes about 2 min. to open large assembly files and when i try to change my folder view from list or detail to thumbnail it takes forever to load thumbnails.


I was so excited believing my computer would be like lighting and now im just sad and wondering what to do.....



116,000,000 Google hits for HOW TO INSTALL DRAM.
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I filled in as much as I could.


I will try to get more info. on Monday


I will be changing to Windows 7 Pro on Thursday.


My computer was shipped with Windows 7 Pro, but we loaded XP16bit, because we were afraid we would have problems with the network.

That was about 3 years ago. Now, all the computers except mine are Windows 7 Pro and I will be switching on Thursday.




Put your system specs into your profile so we have more info: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/profile.php?do=extra


Don't forget to be specific as to which OS version you have (some can't use 16 GB of memory for instance).

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Here is the verdict to my slow computer.


I talked to HP computers the other day.


Adding the ram was a waste, because the ram was not the issue.

The problem is my video card.

I need a bigger video card, but my power supply (350 watt) is too small to power a bigger video card, so, i also need a bigger power supply.


The IT guy at work never took the time to look at the components inside the computer.

He just told me to upgrade the ram to speed up the computer.


The HP computer guy said he would not recommend upgrading, because it would not be cost effective.


End of story....


o, 1 last thing.

The HP computer guy also told me upgrading to windows 7 could slow it more. It seems windows 7 requires more resources.

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To a point. But not in the same way Winxp did. When Win7 when it first came out was shown to speed up many aging systems.


I installed it on an old Dell i had laying around and it did wonders for that machine.Even with only 4 gigs total memory.


Just do a little googling and you can find this information pretty easy

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