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I'd just like to report some of the issues I have found when using the mouse for a few months.


First off is binding a keystroke to a button. If you bind a modifier such as Left-Shift, and then double click that button on the mouse, that modifier gets stuck as if it's always being pressed. The way to make it unstuck is to single click that mouse button again. I'm not sure if this behavior is by design, but I would like an option for this to not occur. It's annoying to realize shift is stuck on when doing stuff.

(You can test this by binding a modifier like shift, open notepad, double click that mouse button, and type stuff. The text will be in all caps)


The second issue might be related to the above, but I have the macro:


LCtrl press

.05 delay

W press

.05 delay

W release

.05 delay

LCtrl release


bound to a mouse button (which essentially acts as a ctrl+w keystroke). This is useful for closing tabs in various programs. It also closes Windows Explorer windows. However, when closing a window with this, ctrl becomes stuck as if it were pressed. Pressing ctrl on the keyboard fixes this.

(You can test this by opening 2 explorer windows sequentially, then close one of them with the macro, and try single clicking on items in the other window. You'll find the selection of items behaves as if ctrl is being held)


The last issue has been posted about already, and that is the behavior of a "Default" profile - one that is automatically activated when no other profile's application is focused. Logitech software has this feature, so M90 feels lacking without this convenience.


I bring these issues up so they can hopefully be addressed in future updates.


Thank you~

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Are you using the latest version of software and firmware? I tried to repeat your first step but I could not.


As for the second macro, remove the delay, remove the release command and under delay options enable "ignore delay". This will allow you to use CTRL+W as a macro and with the first playback option, you won't have to worry about the macro being stuck.

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I am using the latest, yes. SW, FW: 1.11



I was able to fix the ctrl+w macro by deleting the delays in between the commands (although I needed to keep the release commands because ctrl would become permanently stuck). So, thank you.


After you mentioned that you couldn't reproduce the keystroke sticking bug, I did some more testing and found out that this behavior does not occur in Hardway Playback mode (which I rarely use). With that turned off, are you able to reproduce it?

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