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TX750W making buzzing noise

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I'm a little concerned about a power supply I have that has recently started making a "buzzing" noise at all times when it is turned on.


Used it with two different motherboards in case it was motherboard-related, and plugged it into a PSU/Power Supply tester and it exhibited the same symptoms in all scenarios. These two motherboards when powered by a different power supply had no such buzzing noise anywhere near them, so I can definitely track the noise down to the power supply (I did this outside of a case too, so that makes tracking the noise down easy as it does not bounce off the inner walls of a computer case.


It just buzzes constantly, and the more load I put on the system it is powering the louder the buzzing noise gets. Thought about it possibly being coil whine, but having had another component that did that in the past, I know that this sounds slightly different from that. Well, that and coil whine in my experience usually happens under a load only, whereas this happens at all times even with no load whatsoever when being powered-on via a power supply tester.


At first I thought it was related to the fan's airflow and/or the plastic baffle inside the power supply, but now I think it sounds more like an electrical buzzing from some electronic component.


Now, it does put out the rated voltages (12.01V on 12v, 5.01V on 5V, 3.34V on 3.3V; I tested it with my digital multimeter), and the systems used with it seem to be stable when in operation, but this buzzing noise is really starting to worry me. Well, that and the noise itself is really annoying to have it just doing that constantly.


I find it rather unsettling frankly, because none of my other power supplies have exhibited this behavior.

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1. Read this: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=85166

2. Try it on a different electrical source. Could be just that the PSU is sensitive enough to make noise on an only slightly dirty power line.


I've already read it, and I already had all power saving features turned off (the only power saving feature supported by these motherboards is AMD Cool 'n Quiet, and it was turned off). Also, I tried this with two different operating systems.


I've tried three different outlets in three different rooms already, no difference to its symptoms though.


Also, when I said load I wasn't referring to a 3D application or benchmark, this load was induced via MaxxMem, SuperPi 1m, and UCBench 2011. UCBench 2011 puts the system under the greatest load seems to increase the buzzing the most.

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Upon further testing there seem to be two things going on here, for one there is the electrical buzzing, but there is also a slight grinding noise coming from the fan.


Tested on three different outlets with four different power cables and two different computer systems.


Also, I really didn't expect a response that fast, figured I'd have to wait a day or two to hear from anyone.

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Could always be dirty power coming into your residence, but more than likely you'd need to RMA your PSU.


If it were dirty power though wouldn't that effect my other PSU's as well, because I don't have this buzzing or the fan noise on any of my other power supplies, just this one? Well, just in case of there being dirty power I'll take the PSU and test it elsewhere.


Hmm... The first four numbers of my PSU's lot code are 0741. Would I be correct in assuming my PSU is still within the warranty period?


The power supply in question is a VX550, sorry I didn't mention that before.

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Okay, I determined the problem.


The bearings on the power supply's fan are going bad, or have gone bad.


Took it to work with me today to test it there and a colleague and I both agreed that it sounded like bad fan bearings.


Stopped the fan, and most of the noise went away. There is still a slight buzzing noise, but it seems the fan is making the majority of this really annoying noise. Also, I checked around the fan and there is nothing near it that it could be hitting on.


Is it possible to get an RMA for a fan's bearings going bad?

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Thought I'd make a post on how things went.


I did end up requesting an RMA, it was ultimately approved, and so I returned the defective unit.


Received a replacement the week after I shipped the defective one back, which was very well packed for shipping by the way, and it works flawlessly without the annoying fan bearing whiny grinding noise that the other exhibited.


So, I'm all smiles here.

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I got my TX750W M today and guess what, I suffer from the same Electrical Buzzing Noise as many others, REALLY? shouldn't this be resolved by now? I see that the user that started this post did so in 2012 its now 2013!


So is there a fix or do I have to RMA this one?

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