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Hello all,

I have started a new build (sys specs below) but Windows 7 pro x64 does

not see the force gt sata 3 SSD. I have 2 other Seagate spinners but they are not installed yet. I tried 1 of the Seagates along with the SSD and Windows loads but lumps the SSD along with the Seagate as 1 drive with the

capacity equal to that of the 240gb SSD + the 40gb seagate but Windows only lists the Seagate in BIOS.

I've tried RAID, AHCI, and IDE in BIOS but Windows still does not see the SSD

Any Help would be appreciated !


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hiya RAM,

Problem is resolved !! I recalled in the early days of mini frames

such as the Perkin Elmers, it was often necessary to loosen the backplanes

in order to get the CPU cards (4 in total) to align. So I loosened the SATA

backplane, slide the drive in, and voila..the SSD slide in ... I tightened the backplane up and installed the spinners without a problem :sunglasse

I may have dated myself with the 4 CPU bds and its nice to know that

despite the strokes, at least a part of my brain is working :laughing:


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