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My H60 has been keeping my i7-920 cool for more than 2 years with no issues.


The last 6 months it's been overclocked from 2.66GHz to 3.8GHz.


With an ambient room temp of 28C (about 82F) it's idling at 36-43C across the 4 cores.


When I ran Prime95 at this O/C it maxed at 72C.


Running a demanding title such as Metro 2033 at max detail with a handful of other programs running in the background I may hit 61C or so.


The H60 is a great deal, and if you want you can get a slight performance increase by going push/pull on its radiator - just add another 120mm fan on the other side.




BTW - Intel mentions the "T case" temp (the maximum that they think the sensor in the CPU should reach for long-term reliability) for my CPU to be 67.9C - your i5-2320 has that max boosted to 72.6C.


If your everyday use doesn't exceed these temps you should be fine.


Many overclocked CPUs exceed these temps reliably - but you may not get the full expected life out of them.

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