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Force 3 240 GB - Freezing on media playback


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Hi all,


I'm sure this has been covered somewhere as I came from a link with a similar issue in Toms hardware. I just don't seem to be able to find the solution in these forums. Hope someone can advise.


My system is stable aside from when I play media through it. Web based media is fine but media that I play through VLC or media player causes my system to freeze up, blue screen and restart.


After the restart the system hangs on the bios start-up screen until it has been manually powered down and started up again.


When arriving at these forums I noticed the most recent bios update being 5.02 and went to check mine. I'm running 1.2.


Now I see that in update 5.02 has trim disabled which I don't want. So can anyone point me in the direction of an update which would fix my issue while retaining the trim functionality?

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Thanks. Ill give it a try.


Another related question surrounding the update process.


It says that I may need to secure erase my disk and re-install Windows. I have a full system image backup of Windows and all my software. Would secure erasing the disk and restoring from this backup still do the same thing as is required in this step or does it need to be a new install of Windows?

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