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RMA #4932665 troubles with link

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hello, i'm having a bit of a problem. customer service gave me a link for a part but it redirects to a totally different part.


the link i got for the AX650 sata power cable:




redirects to the page for the 24 pin cable:





i replied back to customer service and i got the same link sent to me again in the new response.


p.s, i looked around the online store and i found this item: http://www.corsair.com/en/parts/psu-parts/hx-tx-series-sata-peripheral-cable-with-4-connectors-compatible-with-hx750-hxx850-hx1000-hx1050-and-all-txm-psu.html


it doesn't say if it's compatible with the ax650 though so i am unsure if it's the one.

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